Join a community of the right people, who support you on your journey to building the right company

Building a business you’re proud of should be a fulfilling experience. It can end up being a lonely journey.

Our culture has taught us to be proudly self-sufficient. But we instinctively know that successful companies or careers are never built alone. So we try professional networking online and offline, hoping to find the right opportunities. We make ‘connections’ or polite conversation, exchange messages or business cards. But nothing happens. We join business masterminds in an attempt to find the thing that will take us to the ‘next level’. We try emulating the success of others and end up in a downward spiral of comparison.

You have a valuable contribution to make.
You can create your own opportunities.
You don’t have to do it alone.
We launched the Right Company to connect you with like-minded business owners on a similar journey. People like you who want to build a viable business they’re proud of on their own terms. If you want to build a business that’s right for you, you need to be in…the Right Company.

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Being a part of the Right Company has not only helped me start taking action on those lingering to-do list items but, more importantly, being a part of the community has helped me to see my business and myself in a new way. I am inspired and supported by an amazing and thoughtful bunch of people, in a way that is moving me, my creativity, and my business forward.


East Willow Design
Illinois, USA

I have gone from a lonely business owner with a sense of limited opportunities to someone who understands the origins of his backstory. Someone who is being encouraged to live their meaning through their work. And with that, a broader range of opportunities have appeared.

This community is full of inspirational people who have helped me find my unique voice. A community of people who help each other come to their own conclusions. I am now confident of building my Right Company and attracting my Right Clients.


Author and Financial Analyst
Geelong, Australia

I’ve been waiting for a business community like this for a very long time. Already it’s been an incredibly fertile and warm growing space, enabling me to find my voice and finally move from ideas to focussed action. Launching Quiet Disruptors is the surprising fruit, and it’s only just beginning. Thank you.


The Waterside & Quiet Disruptors
Wales, UK

In just the first few weeks I was a member of the Right Company the clarity I gained led me to take really significant steps in my business. I passed some sticking points which have been bogging me down for a long time and it feels like I have unearthed a sense freedom and confidence, which I don’t think I’ve ever really had in business before.


Store Garden
Alboga, Sweden