Have the clarity and confidence to
build the business or career that’s right for you

Are you at a crossroads in your business or working life?

Have you come to a crossroads on the journey to building the business you want or doing the work that matters to you?
Maybe things aren’t going to plan.
Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re on the right track.

How will you decide the next right move for your work or business?

Where and who can you turn to when you need more than tactics?
Finding the right support as you build your business or career isn’t easy.
One-on-one coaching is costly.
Online courses provide information but lack accountability and lasting connection.
Mastermind groups don’t give you space to expand your thoughts or reflect on your goals.
You can build the business you want.
You don’t have to do it alone.

the Right Company supports a caring cohort of business owners, freelancers and creative solopreneurs, to create the career or company that serves them as well as their customers. People like you, who want to build a viable business they’re proud of and who want to do work that brings them joy. If you want a business that’s right for you, you need to be in…the Right Company.



“I’ve been waiting for a business community like this for a very long time.”

Being a part of the Right Company has not only helped me start taking action on those lingering to-do list items but, more importantly, being a part of the community has helped me to see my business and myself in a new way. I am inspired and supported by an amazing and thoughtful bunch of people, in a way that is moving me, my creativity, and my business forward.


East Willow Design
Illinois, USA

I have gone from a lonely business owner with a sense of limited opportunities to someone who understands the origins of his backstory. Someone who is being encouraged to live their meaning through their work. And with that, a broader range of opportunities have appeared.

This community is full of inspirational people who have helped me find my unique voice. A community of people who help each other come to their own conclusions. I am now confident of building my Right Company and attracting my Right Clients.


Author and Financial Analyst
Geelong, Australia

I’ve been waiting for a business community like this for a very long time. Already it’s been an incredibly fertile and warm growing space, enabling me to find my voice and finally move from ideas to focussed action. Launching Quiet Disruptors is the surprising fruit, and it’s only just beginning. Thank you.


The Waterside & Quiet Disruptors
Wales, UK

In just the first few weeks I was a member of the Right Company the clarity I gained led me to take really significant steps in my business. I passed some sticking points which have been bogging me down for a long time and it feels like I have unearthed a sense freedom and confidence, which I don’t think I’ve ever really had in business before.


Store Garden
Alboga, Sweden

I value the opportunity the Right Company gives me to interact with freelancers and small business owners from all over the world. Their perspectives are invaluable. It is refreshing to get candid feedback on the challenges I am facing in my business and also share my own insights with other members where I can. I particularly enjoy the group video calls where we meet with other members in a live setting that builds greater empathy and trust, which then carries over to the member forums.


Financial Educator, Podcaster & Author
Idaho, USA

As a freelancer or self-employed business person, where is your go-to place to have your plans questioned and your dreams challenged? And when you need a little love or a lift who is there for you?

My answer to these questions is the Right Company. It’s my online home, and through technology, we meet in person too, which puts the icing on the cake.

Places like the Right Company are extremely rare. In my 30 years as a freelancer I’ve been engaged in many groups, none have been quite like the Right Company.


Business Mentor
Victoria, Australia

I joined the Right Company because I was looking for new perspectives on our 19-year-old business and a way forward through changes. Because of the support, I got in the community I became clearer about ‘the small stuff’ and what matters most to me and found the courage to take many leaps towards creating two new customer offerings.


Visual Facilitator
South Africa

From inspiring, courageous and generous forum discussions to live group video calls, I get to be part of this amazing community of people from all over the world (who I now call friends). We’re all intent on doing work that matters for the people we serve and that attitude is reflected in how we connect and value each other. the Right Company is an incredible place to be! I never want to leave.


Financial Educator
Auckland, New Zealand

I joined the Right Company because I was starved for community. Though I love going it alone, the need for shared experience was affecting my work.

In calls and forums, I get to have real conversations with people who are like me, people who are decades ahead, and people who are doing things I would never dream of doing. This is a place where I belong and where I am challenged, in the good way. It is in this place that I become most myself and feel encouraged to keep up the good work.


Business Strategist

Bernadette has brought the wise spirit of her posts to create an amazing, magical community of adventurers. She and her colleague Mark have somehow managed to combine warmth and connection with a global reach, a balancing act that I have found rare in online groups.

On a practical level, the site is easy to navigate, members are open and curious, and the rhythm is comfortable, underlined with video calls. This community opens the door to a new way of exploring your path forward.’


Elite Achievers Coach

I’ve learned more about myself, my business and my community than I have in years. Bernadette and Mark’s direction and leadership pack a powerful punch, but it’s the collective phalanx of peers that eviscerates every problem I place on the chopping board.

I’ve been looking for my ideal home for as long as I can remember, and there is no place like the Right Company.


Community Builder

A warm welcome, interesting topics and threads, challenging prompts and cheerful celebrations of success all are part of my experience in the Right Company. Most wonderful of all are the lovely members. So many interesting individuals, not fitting in the box, caring, striving, creating, questioning, winning, losing, doubting and achieving.

This helps me so much not to feel alone, to be inspired and to start daring.
My spark is reignited. I haven’t worked so much and so structured for long. I’ve started implementing helpful habits. I’m on the track again, even better than before.


Author & Designer

Our Member Stories


What and who is behind the community?

A quick Google search will give you tactics about building, growing and marketing a business. And if Google doesn’t have the answer, you can enrol in one of the thousands of online business courses. But no great business is built on generic information or tactics alone. The only way to build the right business for you is by getting specific about your goals, and having the confidence to articulate, try and test your ideas.

We created the Right Company to give you the space and support you need to do that.

the Right Company is a private small business mentorship community.

Our members support each other to create business strategies that fit their unique vision and goals. They grow personally and professionally by connecting with each other in a safe space and sharing their challenges, experience and wisdom within the community.


Bernadette Jiwa


Bernadette believes stories are powerful catalysts for change and that businesses come a close second. She’s passionate about helping people to do work they’re proud of by combining both.

Bernadette is a global authority on the role of stories and storytelling in community and business development and founder of the Right Company. Named by Smart Company as one of Australia’s Top Business Thinkers in 2018, Bernadette is also the author of the award-winning Story of Telling blog and several best-selling books.

She advises and speaks with entrepreneurs, community and business leaders who want to do work they’re proud of and create the future they want to see. Bernadette has the privilege of connecting like-hearted business owners like you in the Right Company.

Enrika Greathouse

Chief Community Advocate

Enrika Greathouse is passionate about creating human connection experiences that inspire hope and ignite purpose. One of the ways she does this is by fostering collaborative communities where people can connect and bring their full selves.

Ever since she was a child through pain & hardship, Enrika found refuge in being part of a loving tribe of diverse people who helped care and nurture her in becoming her best self. From cousins to church communities, to neighbourhood safe houses, mentors schoolmates & dance tribes. Enrika is once again thriving in community both locally in Orange County, CA and globally as the Chief Community advocate of the Right Company.


the Right Company is an online group mentorship experience lead by Bernadette Jiwa, where like-minded small business owners support each other to work on their goals for building their right career or company.

We host a private 24/7 online discussion board and two video meetings per month where members ask questions, learn, interact and support one another.

Yes, we host two video mentoring calls every month where members meet and learn face-to-face.

You can spend as little or as much time as you want participating in the discussion boards but we’ve found that the people who post and reflect with the group get the most from our community.

No, this is not an online course and there is no prescribed curriculum. There are open discussion topics where you can ask questions and give feedback to others.

There will be a curated external resources section inside the community, but it’s not compulsory to consume that content. Instead you’ll be encouraged to work on your business goals with the support of the community. Some of the topics we’re discussing include; positioning your business, attracting the right clients, writing and publishing a book, content marketing, creating a viable online community, launching a speaking career, podcasting and design tips and on and on.

Yes, Bernadette and Mark are active members in the Right Company. However, the real value of the community is in the connections and contribution you make, and the opportunity to learn alongside a cohort of other business owners who have worked through similar challenges to yours.

The investment for annual membership to the Right Company is $55 per month or $500 annually.

In the Right Company we’re prioritising self-reflection, connection and contribution over consuming information and networking because we’ve witnessed the results of our model first hand.