About the Right Company

“Success is like a mountain that keeps growing ahead of you as you hike it, and there’s the very real danger that ‘succeeding’ will take up your whole life while the big questions go unanswered.”


You have the answers to a billion questions at your fingertips.
A simple Google search can deliver millions of tactical bits of advice about how to build, grow and market your business. And if Google doesn’t have the answer, you can choose to take one of the thousands of online business courses. But no great business is built on tactical knowledge alone. You have to start with the right questions and a solid foundation. You gain the insight to be great by reflecting on the kind of company you want to build over time. We created the Right Company to give you the support you need to do that.

the Right Company is not a time-limited, online course with prescribed content. It’s not packed with quick hints and tips about the latest marketing trends or the secrets to becoming an overnight success. the Right Company is a paid online membership community of like-hearted entrepreneurs asking the big questions and supporting each other to build companies they’re proud of and find joy in. It’s a digital hub where you will get ideas and help to crystallise and take action on your business goals alongside people who are on a similar journey. A close-knit network of people who value doing things right, over fast. People like you, who are creating and leading businesses of all shapes and sizes on their terms.

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Bernadette believes stories are a powerful catalyst for change and that businesses come a close second. She’s passionate about helping people to do work they’re proud of by combining both.

Bernadette is a global authority on the role of story and storytelling in marketing and business development and founder of the Right Company. Named by Smart Company as one of Australia’s Top Business Thinkers in 2018, Bernadette is also the author of the award-winning Story of Telling blog and several best-selling books.

She advises and speaks with entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to do work they’re proud of and create the future they want to see. Bernadette feels privileged to be connecting like-hearted business owners like you in
the Right Company.



Mark has people on his mind. He usually has flour on his shirt too. After a successful career in the corporate world, Mark took a big leap with his wife Cindy and opened Orange Boot Bakery in his home community of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Their small, traditional bread bakery was known as much for its generosity, humanity and devoted customers as delicious bread and pastries. The bakery was a natural extension of Mark’s people-first approach to his work.

Today Mark is focused on connecting with people through his private bread club, baking classes, working with small business owners and hosting the Rise Up podcast.

Learning together. Sharing a laugh. Urging you on.